My experience
As above, so below


Somewhere outside my comfort zone, but within my capabilities, I find what I did not know I was looking for, yet I have been missing.

About me

My name is Tzvety and in my mother tongue Bulgarian it means flower. Just like a flower, I blossom and I fade. It is in the soil of adventure that I blossom again.

Ever since I was a kid, I have been hyperactive and curious. And while I agree that the only constant in life is change, some traits of our characters stick with us for life. Now I am a 30-year-old kid with an exponentially growing curiosity. Two core drivers of my existence are the soul-nurturing thrill of exploration & the comfort of well-spilled ink. Wedded together they gave birth to AdventurInk.


What to expect

Join me as we open to life and move forward with a more amplified sense of its horizons and possibilities. We will climb up to see the world from above the clouds and see how much colder it can get. Then, we’ll dive in, only to hear all the secrets whispered in the bubbles that dissolve into the ocean. And because there has to be balance, we will walk well-grounded to earth, meet people from different cultures and reason over the many interrelated concepts that shape our experience.

Traveling is so much more than visiting the top places from a list. It is both about expanding horizons and narrowing to the details of a moment. It gives us a better understanding of the world and the human experience.


Experience life in colours with verbs! 


P.S. Currently, I am living in Vietnam. I have chosen a simple life, void of unnecessary things. Everything I need in my backpack (that is without any sport-specific equipment such as climbing ropes). I visit new places (sometimes I’d stay for a month, or more), meet with new people, add new perspectives, connect more to nature and be conscious of my consumption style.