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Straight lines, shortcuts, longer spiral ways, vertical lines, and those that pierce the horizon—all shape our lives. There are the perfect lines and those, enchanting with imperfections. There is the start line and the finish line.


Somewhere down the line, we intersect with borderlines. The physical ones act as a gap between cultures and economies. But there also the boundaries we create in our minds—of what is acceptable, what is possible, and the blurred line between right and wrong.


Our life is a line and a fortuneteller could tell you all about it, by a glimpse of the palm of your hand.


Cable lines



Social Railways

Do you remember that first line you walked, standing unstable on your feet?

I don’t. 


Do you remember the effort it took you to draw those straight lines that shape each letter of the alphabet in preschool?

I do.

I also remember I knew I won’t become a master in calligraphy.


We often connect the pre-drawn dots by our parents because it seems like the logical line to follow. Then, we reach a point when it is time to outline our life experience for other people to judge whether we are in line with their expectations. I will draw the line here and through the pen. I’ll pick the brush instead, or draw with fingers, for my line may never fit yours. It may neither intersect with it, nor be parallel to it, though that is mathematically impossible.


The Onsight

On-sighting life is no easy thing. First up, it is hardly ever bolted. In the interim, even though your belayer could give you some beta, you have to come up with the moves that actually work for you. And though every now and then, life would leave you some gear on the way, it takes millage to learn how to use it.


Palm lines

What does your lifeline look like?


At some point, when you know what hangs on your harness and you look up the line that is ahead of you, you will know better if it is your line to follow. If it’s not, then traverse and change the course of direction. The art of experience is knowing when to go all in, by following the flow of your line. And when to break it, creating a new trajectory for yourself.



We often walk on the fine high line between madness and creativity, between kindness and stupidity. You don’t have to be Philippe Petit to manage that, but you could come close to what he had felt. Moving forward in life often goes hand in hand with the dizzying and gut-wrenching feeling the void of the unknown gives us.


We embark on a drunken line that slips us into spiral confusion. The torture between what is on one side of our path and what is on the other side, the crucifying magnets of all directions—all that causes imbalance.


Walking a highline



For us to walk the line of life, we need to make our bodies tense less and our minds think less. Concentrate and focus, unveil that the line you are walking on is a whole universe and the balance you need is waiting for you to accept it.


The Perfect Line

The poet writes his perfect line. A condense truth, filled with beauty and meaning. The ink soaks in the parchment and remains for generations to inspire.


The free-rider stands on top of the crest, a breath away from merging with the vast white of the slope. The heartbeat conducts the drop in and what follows is the harmony between the rider and the fresh coating of snow which provides perfect conditions. Performing breath-taking cliff jumps and acrobatic tricks, while surfing through the virgin white of the mountain. At the bottom, the rider stops. He looks back and sees the line of freedom.


Mountain lines



The climber and the crack. The perfect imperfection of nature. Adapting his body to its forms creates a transcendental feeling of merging with the universe. Excelling beyond limits. Creating art of his own. Dissolving into nature.


The artist’s hand strikes with the brush a line on the canvas that would form the masterpiece of his life. The missing part of the whole. The final line that creates completion.


The old gentleman on the bench in the park looks at the lady sitting next to him. That wrinkle under her left eye when she smiles at him is the line that made him fall in love with her so many years ago. It is still the line that fascinates him, the perfect line of beauty.



Life is a line. If you don’t believe fortunetellers, ask a doctor. A regular electrocardiography can tell you that. Enjoy drawing it!


Be in line with the moment!


Know when to draw the line and cut the bullshit.


Lay on the line what you think and feel.


Make art out of it. Your art.


Put on the line comfort and walk the wire for someone you love, or something you believe in.


Cross the line. Travel. Shock.


Be more offline.


Read between the lines.


Form a line and inspire.


Life is a line.


What does yours look like?


Photo Sources: Personal archive, Pixabay

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